Present:               Councillor Margaret Ainsworth-Hickman, Chair

                                Councillor Richard Hopley, Vice Chair

                                Councillor David Davis

                                Councillor John Green

                                Councillor Bob Jones

                                Councillor Julie Lawson                                                                                 

In attendance:  Liz Harrington-Jones (Clerk)

                                Ms Sarah Edge

                                4 members of the public

 Apologies:         Councillor Peter Jones, Stafford Borough Council (SBC) 

                                Councillors Jeremy Pert, Staffordshire County Council (SCC)

1128 Welcome and Public Participation

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Cllr Davis reported that the hedge was still overhaniging the railway bridge at Worston, forcing cars into oncoming traffic.  The Clerk would contact the Chairman at Seighford Parish Council                                                                                                                                                                                                             Action:  Clerk

Cllr Davis reported that work had commenced on the refurbishment of The Railway Inn, Norton Bridge.  It is hoped it will reopen at the end of June or beginning of July, which was welcome news.

The defibrillator at St Luke’s was not lit at night; Cllr Green would investigate, and report back if necessary.

A resident of Hilcote asked about progress on concerns that had been raised at previous meetings over road safety at Hilcote at the junction with the B5026; after discussion Councillors agreed that the Clerk should write to the owners of Hilcote Hall again, and also contact SCC Highways to request signage.                                                                      Action: Clerk

The  b/w sign for ‘Cold Norton’, approaching from Stone had been knocked down, and would be reported by the Clerk.                                                                                                                                                                                                                Action: Clerk

1129  Reports from Borough and County Councillors 

There were no reports from Borough or County Councillors.  


1130  Apologies  had been submitted by  Cllr Jones (SBC) and Cllr Pert (SCC).


1131  Declarations of Interest  Cllr Hopley declared an interest in any items relating to Network Rail or HS2.


1132  Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 13 December 2020   

RESOLVED – That the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 13 December 2020 were accepted as a true record of the meeting and were signed by the Chair. 


1133  Matters Arising, from the meeting held on 13 December 2020 and not discussed as agenda items

The Clerk would contact the landowner about the overhanging ash tree on Chebsey Lane.                           Action: Clerk

Cllr Davis reported that St Luke’s had now been allocated a brown bin.

The Clerk would report the tree roots at Norton Bridge again as they were causing significant damage to the road surface.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Action:  Clerk

The Clerk would contact Yarnfield & Cold Meece PC to ask if there had been any progress on the application for funding for road safety.                                                                                                                                                                                        Action:  Clerk

The Clerk would chase up the notice for Norton Bridge recreation area.                                                                 Action: Clerk

Councillors agreed to discuss the replacement of the defibrillator at Cold Norton at their next meeting.


 1134 Cop-option of Parish Councillor to fill vacancy on Chebsey Parish Council

Two candidates had applied for the vacancy on Chebsey Parish Council; one candidate had since withdrawn due to ill health. Councillors voted unanimously that Ms Sarah Edge should be invited to join Chebsey Parish Council and she signed the Declaration of Office.

RESOLVED That Ms Sarah Edge should be invited to join Chebsey Parish Council.


1135  Planning 

1135.i  Planning decisions, Planning Appeals, and to consider any Planning Applications made

The following recent planning applications had been received:

(SCC) Proposed Upgrade of the Existing Base Station at Land at Mill Farm, Stone Road, Chebsey, Stafford,  ST21 6LL

Parish Councillors had no comment to make.

19/30922/HOU and 19/30923/LBCPark View, Park Lane, Chebsey   Amendments to above

Parish Councillors had recorded concerns over the disproportionate size of parking and paving, impact on neighbours of successive planning applications, and the need to consider the planning for this property as a whole and not simply as individual applications.

SBC Planning Committee had requested a topographical survey in connection with the application, and would automatically reconsider the planning applications for the site.

The following  Planning Decisions have been made since the meeting scheduled for January 2021.  

20/31890/FUL                                                                                                    WITHDRAWN

Izaak Walton Fisheries, School Lane, Chebsey

Removal of condition 4 on 17/27245/FUL

20/33024/FUL                                                                                                    ALLOWED

Upper Heamies Farm, Meece Road, Cold Meece, Stone

Steel portal framed agricultural building

21/33744/HOU                                                                                                  REFUSED

1 Scythe Cottages, Eccleshall Road, Norton Bridge, Stone

Proposed second storey side extension

After discussion Councillors agreed that the Clerk should check the SBC Planning website to ascertain the reasons for the refusal for the planning application in respect of 1 Scythe Cottages, Cold Norton.                                          Action: Clerk

20/32746/COU  Land at Eccleshall Road, Norton Bridge              ALLOWED

Change of Use from Equestrian Centre to Class B8 (Storage & Distribution) Use and Change of Use from Equestrian Centre to Class B8 (Storage & Distribution) Use and associated works

20/31923/COU                                                                       ALLOWED

Izaak Walton Golf Club, Eccleshall Road, Norton Bridge

Change of use of former golf club clubhouse and greenkeepers equipment accommodation shed to general light industrial/storage use.


1135.ii  Concerns over full completion of Lakesedge development, Cold Norton

Residents had written to SBC Planning on 20 March 2020 regarding the non completion of the planting area; SBC Planning had twice taken the developer to court where he had twice been fined.  A Planning Inspector had agreed with the findings.  After discussion Councillors agreed that the Clerk should write  to SBC protesting at the lack of action and the failure to enforce planning decisions.                                                                                                                         Action: Clerk


1135. iii  Planning training

Cllr Hopley would attend the SPCA planning course to be held on the following Thursday.                  Action: Cllr Hopley


A number of local planning applications were anticipated in the Parish in the near future.  Councillors asked the Clerk to ascertain the planning restrictions and guidelines on agricultural buildings, to check with Cllr Jones if there had been progress on outstanding planning queries, and to ask Cllr Pert to reschedule a meeting with SBC planners. Action: Clerk


1136  Finance

Clerk’s salary (February)                               166.40

Clerk’s salary (March)                                    166.40

HMRC, PAYE/NI                                                                144.20  Year ending 31 March 2021

Clerk’s salary (April)                                        166.40

Clerk’s salary (May)                                        166.40

Mazars, audit fees                                           240.00

SPCA subscription                                            177.00

Total expenditure                                     £1,226.80                   

RESOLVED That the expenditure for January to May 2021 of £1,226.80 was approved.

RESOLVED That Councillors would consider the future expenditure and budget requirements for the Parish Council at the July or September meetings.


1136.ii    Precept requirements for 2021/2022

During lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic Councillors had agreed a 2% increase in the amount of precept to be paid to the Parish Council for 2021/2022, giving a payment of £6,832.98, and effectively a reduction of 0.2% for Band D properties.

RESOLVED That Councillors confirmed a 2% increase in the amount of precept to be paid to Chebsey Parish Council which had been agreed in January 2021.

(1 member of the public left the meeting.)

1136.iii  Appointment of internal auditor

As the previous internal auditor had retired Councillors agreed to suggest a qualified parishioner or other suitable person who could carry out the internal audit, to enable the approval of the annual accounts at the June meeting of Chebsey Parish Council.


1137 Highway and Footpath Matters

1137.i  The Brickle Footpath, clearance and drainage issues

At a recent site visit by Parish Councillors and a representative of SCC, it had been made clear that ditches are the responsibility of the landowners of adjacent land.  The lower end of The Brickle was not walkable at present, following excessive rain during May; it is classed as a BOAT as well as a Green Lane, not a footpath.  Councillors noted that water has been diverted from a nearby property;  gulleys have not been emptied in the area for some time.  Effluent or manure was flowing into The Brickle from a nearby property and eventually into the river.

The overgrown area has now been cleared; although the invoice was higher than the original quote due to a change in personnel leading to additional costs, Councillors agreed that it should now be paid

RESOLVED That the invoice for work carried out to date on The Brickle should now be paid.

The work had been undertaken following an assurance by an SCC representative that SCC would undertake all future maintenance; this was an error, and work would be dependent on volunteers.   The SCC representative had offered to address Parishioners at a future meeting.                                                                                                             Action: Chair, Clerk

 (8.05 pm Cllr Lawson left the meeting)

1137. ii  Gulley clearance

Gulleys had recently been inspected by SCC representative who agreed they needed to be cleared.  Councillors agreed that a request should be re-submitted for Parsons Bank, The Scamnel, School Lane, Hilcote Lane.             Action: Clerk

(8.20 pm, 1 member of the public left the meeting)

1137.iii  Fly tipping

The Chair reported that an amount of fly tipping had been left in Chebsey Lane recently which included a quantity of wood; it had been disposed of locally.  Councillors regretted the amount of fly tipping which was being experienced in the Parish and praised the excellent service provided by SBC to address the problem.


1137.iii  Update from Road Safety Grant application with Yarnfield & Cold Meece PC    See Minute1133.


1138  Norton Bridge Recreation Area , grass cutting                                                        

Councillors thanked Cllr Green for providing a grass cutting service to the play area at short notice during recent lockdowns.  Oak Tree Farm is ready to resume its grass cutting service, but had quoted a significant (75%) increase in cost which was considered excessive by Councillors.  The Clerk was instructed to negotiate a lower cost               Action: Clerk


1139  HS2/Network Rail update  Cllr Jones had circulated a report on the work of Stone Railhead Crisis Group; a response from the government was expected in June.  Cllr Jones would attend an ecology seminar by HS2 at the beginning of June via Zoom.  The Chair thanked Cllr Jones for his work in keeping the Parish informed on HS2 matters.


1140  Procedure for recruitment of Parish Clerk  

One application had been received to date, the position had been readvertised.  Councillors agreed that the closing date should be before the next meeting, when matters would be progressed.


1141  Corespondence received   The Clerk reported the receipt of items of routine correspondence during lockdown; email correspondence had been forwarded to Councillors as appropriate. 


1142  Items for the  next Parish Council meeting 

Please let the Clerk know of any items for the next Parish Council meeting, which is scheduled for 14 June 2021 in All Saints’ Church, Chebsey.






Date…..……………………………                                            …………………….……….……………………………………………………………………..Chair