Present:               Councillor Margaret Ainsworth-Hickman, Chair

                                Councillor Richard Hopley, Vice Chair

                                Councillor David Davis

                                Councillor Sarah Edge

                                Councillor John Green

                                Councillor Bob Jones

                                Councillor Julie Lawson                                                                                 

In attendance:  Liz Harrington-Jones, Clerk

 Apologies:         Councillor Peter Jones, Stafford Borough Council (SBC) 

                                Councillors Jeremy Pert, Staffordshire County Council (SCC)

1143 Welcome and Public Participation

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Cllr Lawson reported that two males had been seen acting suspiciously in Park Lane the previous weekend and had been reported to the police.  Cllr Green reported a similar incident the previous week involving three adult males and a young child.  Councillors agreed that residents should be vigilant and proactive; the Clerk would keep records on file.  The Clerk would circulate contact details for the new PCSO to Councillors.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Action:  Clerk

Several Councillors reported an abandoned trailer filled with building refuse on Worston Road and this was would be reported to Streetscene.                                                                                                                                                             Action: Clerk


1144  Reports from Borough and County Councillors 

There were no reports from Borough or County Councillors.  


1145  There were no Apologies.  


1146  Declarations of Interest  Cllr Hopley declared an interest in any items relating to Network Rail or HS2.


1147  Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 17 May 2021   

Line 1, 1133, should read ‘The Clerk  would contact the landowner about the overhanging branch of an ash tree  .  . 

RESOLVED – That subject to the above amendment the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 17 May 2021 were accepted as a true record of the meeting and were signed by the Chair. 


1148  Matters Arising, from the meeting held on 17 May 2021 and not discussed as agenda items

Cllr Davis reported that work was continuing on the refurbishment of The Railway, Norton Bridge.

Cllr Pert and the Chairman of Seighford PC had both responded to reports of the overhanging hedge at Worston Bridge, and the problem was being addressed by SCC Highways.

The Clerk had requested the attendance of the speed van at Norton Bridge.

Cllr Green would check on the defibrillator at Norton Bridge and report back.

A local resident had agreed to remove the damaged bench from the open space at Norton Bridge.

The Clerk had written to SCC Planning concerning the Lakesedge development.

Cllr Hopley reported that the SPCA planning course had been informative and provided advice on submitted comments on planning applications.  The Clerk had circulated information on planning requirements for agricultural buildings.

The Clerk had negotiated a reduction in the rate quoted for grass cutting at Norton Bridge recreation area; an experimental path had been cut through the long grass but this would now be removed and the grass cut normally.  Cllr Green would spray the footpaths and provide an invoice for the work as they had become very weedy.

The Clerk would invite Ms Paula Lees, SCC Highways, to attend the next meeting and brief Councillors and the public on Green Lanes and the work that would be required for The Brickle.  The Friends of Norton Bridge and Chebsey Village Trust would be asked to contribute to the work that had been carried out to date.                                        Action: Clerk


 1149 Planning

1149.i  Planning decisions, Planning Appeals, and to consider any Planning Applications made

The following recent planning applications had been received:


21/34485/HOU  Hawthorne Cottage, School Lane, Chebsey

Proposed demolition of existing lean to store to existing garage and the erection of a car and garage store and replanting of existing hedge

RESOLVED That Councillors had no comment to make.


The following  Planning Decision has been made since 17 May 2021:

20/31923/COU                  Izaak Walton Golf Club, Eccleshall Road, Norton Bridge                   ALLOWED

Change of use of former golf club clubhouse and green keepers equipment accommodation shed to general light industrial use.  Using existing car park area to (50 cars) TO support the general industrial/storage use.


1150  Finance 

1150.i  To approve expenditure for June 2021                                                                                                   

A J Parton (The Brickle)                            1,104.00

Clerk’s salary (June)                                        166.40

HMRC, PAYE/NI                                                                124.80                   (April, May, June 2021)

SPCA, Planning training (Cllr Hopley)         30.00

Avdec                                                                   180.00

BHIB Insurance                                                 444.44

Total expenditure                                     £2,049.64   


It was agreed that the following payments would be paid after the satisfactory installation of the sign at the recreation area:

                ViSign, Norton Bridge, supply of notice £180.00

                Dawkes & Co, repayment of retention from refurbishment of Recreation Area: 2,465.20 less 180.00 = £2,285


RESOLVED That the expenditure for June 2021 of £2,049.64 was approved.

RESOLVED That payments would be made to ViSign of £180.00 and Dawkes & Co of £2,285.00 on satisfactory installation of the sign at Norton Bridge Recreation Area.


1150.ii  To approve finances for 2020/21, appointment of internal auditor, approval of AGAR submission

Dr  J Wheeler of Stafford was appointed as a qualified individual to carry out the annual internal audit. 

An Extraordinary Meeting would be held on Wednesday 23 June 2021 to approve the annual finances and AGAR submission.

After discussion Councillors agreed to discuss future plans and expenditure at the next meeting.


1151 Highway and Footpath Matters

Cllr Green reported that the new traffic island at Norton Bridge was very overgrown, leading to restricted vision for drivers.  The Clerk would report the matter to SCC Highways.                                                                               Action:  Clerk

Councillors clarified the situation of the damaged black and white Cold Norton sign.


1152  Cold Norton Defibrillator

Councillors agreed that the defibrillator at Cold Norton should be replaced, as it was likely to last only two more years at most.  The site is very accessible  for the local community and users of a busy main road.

Sources to apply for funding were considered including Moto, AEDonate, Network Rail, HS2, Rotary Clubs, local industrial units, and residents’ associations at Lakesedge.  It was agreed that Cllr Jones would draft a letter to the local residents’ associations; Councillors would consult with the local First Responder for advice.      Action:  Cllr Jones, Clerk


1153  Norton Bridge Recreation Area                                                     

The design for the notice board had been finalised and installation was awaited.


1154  HS2/Network Rail Cllr Bob Jones had  circulated a report on the recent HS2 Ecology presentation which had been impressive, but serious concerns remained about the effects of the project and the disruption to residents and the landscape.  There is a consultation taking place on the Hybrid Bill procedure.  The Chair thanked Cllr Jones for his work in keeping the Parish informed on HS2 matters.


1155  Procedure for recruitment of Parish Clerk  

Two applications had been received; after discussion it was agreed to invite both candidates to attend an informal interview on Wednesday 23 June.  Candidates would be asked to submit a personal statement beforehand.  The Clerk would circulate draft questions and a matrix beforehand to Councillors.


1156  Corespondence received   The Clerk reported the receipt of items of routine correspondence during lockdown; email correspondence had been forwarded to Councillors as appropriate. 


1157  Items for the  next Parish Council meeting 

Councillors were asked to let the Clerk know of any items for the next full Parish Council meeting, which was scheduled for 5 July 2021 in All Saints’ Church, Chebsey.  There being no further business the Chair thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.30 pm.






Date…..……………………………                                            …………………….……….……………………………………………………………………..Chair