Present:               Councillor Richard Hopley,  Chairman

                                Councillor David Davis

                                Councillor Sarah Edge

                                Councillor John Green

                                Councillor Julie Lawson                                                                                 

In attendance:  Liz Harrington-Jones, Clerk

                                Councillor Peter Jones, Stafford Borough Council (SBC) 

                                Councillors Jeremy Pert, Staffordshire County Council (SCC)

                                Mrs S Stokes

 Apologies:         Councillor Margaret Ainsworth-Hickman

                                Councillor Bob Jones

1162  Welcome and Public Participation

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.  There were no members of the public present.   Cllr Davis reported that increasing numbers of HGVs were travelling through Norton Bridge.  After discussion it was agreed that the Clerk should write to those companies that had been identified, and also contact the soil treatment site at Cold Meece and ask that drivers using the site should be reminded to use approved routes as the road through Norton Bridge has a 7.5t weight limit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Action: Clerk


1163  Reports from Borough and County Councillors 

Cllr Jones reported that he was a member of several SBC Committees including Planning.  

Cllr Pert reminded the meeting that although infection rates were rising, hospitalisations remained low thanks to the efficacy of the vaccine roll-out programme.  A grant of £20m had been received to enhance the centre of Stafford under the Future High Streets programme; SBC had authorised funds for the Station Gateway project in the town.


1164  Apologies had been received from Cllrs Ainsworth-Hickman and Jones.  


1165  Declarations of Interest  Cllr Hopley declared an interest in any items relating to Network Rail or HS2.


1166  Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held on Monday 14 and 23 June 2021   

RESOLVED – That the minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held on 14 and 23 June 2021 were accepted as true records of the meetings and were signed by the Chair. 


1167  Matters Arising, from the meetings held on 14 and 23 June 2021 and not discussed as agenda items

Cllr Green reported that the defibrillator at Norton Bridge was now fully operational.  Cllr Davis reported that the sign for the defibrillator had been reinstated.  The Chairman thanked both Councillors.

The Clerk reported that SCC Highways would not signpost the entrance to Hilcote Hall as it is a private drive.


1168 Planning

1168.i  Planning decisions, Planning Appeals, and to consider any Planning Applications made

The following planning application had been received:


21/34236/FUL                    Land adjacent Hill Crest, Shallowford Road, Chebsey

Proposed glamping site composed of five glamping pods for guests.  Utilising an existing parking/turning area with associated footpaths.  Associated landscaping to provide natural screening


Councillors were concerned over several issues, including the additional traffic that would be using the site and accessing it via narrow rural lanes.  There was likely to be increased noise, generated by additional vehicular and residential users of the site; there would be an impact on neighbouring properties from additional catering and licensing requirements and the hours during which these would be operating; questions were raised over what facilities for catering and alcohol would be provided on site, and whether these would be restricted to residents only.

RESOLVED That the Clerk should draft a document incorporating Councillors’ concerns and circulate it to Councillors for approval before sending it to SBC Planning.


No  Planning Decisions had been made since 7 June 2021.


1169  Finance 

1169.i  To approve expenditure for July 2021                                                                                                     

Clerk’s salary and expenses                           166.40

ViSign (NBrdg sign)                                             180.00                (following satisfactory installation of sign)

Dawkes & Co repayment of retention    2,285.20               (following satisfactory installation of sign)

Oak Tree Farm, grass cutting May, June     240.00

Dr J C G Wheeler (audit fee)                             75.00

Total expenditure                                     £    2,946.60

Councillors approved a further payment of £48 to John Green Landscapes for spraying the footpaths at Norton Bridge recreation area, as agreed at the meeting held on 14 June 2021 (Minute 1148).

RESOLVED That the expenditure for July should be approved, with an additional payment of £48 to John Green Landscapes.


1169.ii  To consider future plans and expenditure

As Cllr Jones had been unable to attend, Councillors agreed to carry this item forward to the next meeting.


It was agreed that the Clerk should process invoices received during August, after notifying Councillors of the details and receiving their agreement.


1170 Highway and Footpath Matters

The new traffic island at Norton Bridge had been mown, and the potholes on the Stone Road repaired.

The Clerk would invite Ms Paula Lees, SCC Highways, to attend the September meeting of the Parish Council to brief residents and Councillors on Green Lanes.  A volunteer had come forward who would clear he Brickle area regularly.


1171  Cold Norton Defibrillator

Letters requesting support for a replacement defibrillator would be sent to the residents’ associations at the Lakesedge development.   The cost of a replacement would be between   £1,300 and £1,900 depending on the state of the cabinet.    The Clerk would check on the condition of the cabinet housing the defibrillator.                              Action: Clerk


1172  Norton Bridge Recreation Area                                                     

The notice board had been installed, and the grass in the area had been cut conventionally.


1173  HS2/Network Rail Cllr Bob Jones had  circulated a report on Stone Railhead Crisis Group’s objections to the HS2 project, the  proposed IMRB at Stone, and the response to the hybrid bill.


1174  Procedure for recruitment of Parish Clerk  

The Chairman welcomed Mrs Stokes to the meeting.  Councillors confirmed the appointment of Mrs Sue Stokes as Clerk with effect from 1 September 2021, and the draft contract  set at Salary Scale 13.


1175  Corespondence received   The Clerk reported the receipt of items of routine correspondence during lockdown; email correspondence had been forwarded to Councillors as appropriate. 


1176  Items for the  next Parish Council meeting 

Councillors were asked to let the Clerk know of any items for the next Parish Council meeting, which was scheduled for 6 September 2021 in St Luke’s Church Hall, Norton Bridge.  There being no further business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 7.40 pm.





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